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Hey folks! I’m Siggi and this website is dedicated to women who like to show their sexy legs! That means to me: attractive women in boots or pumps ….AND women in pantyhose/tights! (And of course …women in boots AND pantyhose 😉 )

I just like when women dress a little “feminine” from time to time. But nowadays it seems that the modern fashion for many women is to wear jeans, sneakers and sweaters all week long. Especially the young “smombie-generation” (smartphone zombies) seems to like that unisex look… 🙁

When you drive around with the streetcar (tram) for example and look how many women from 20-50 are actually wearing a skirt/dress and/or heels/boots…. I guess that’s only 2 or 3 out of 100.

But enough complaining, luckily there is more than enough material with women who wear more feminine clothes.

I try to post new stuff on a regular basis to fill the pages with sexy, new material.

And if you find some spelling/grammar errors…well, I’m no native english speaker, I will try my best.


On this site I wanna share stuff that I collected over all the years of scouring the net in my passion women who present their sexy legs in the best way.


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*Please don’t contact me if you work for a company that has anything to do with internet marketing, website development or something like that. I’m not interested in your offer!*