A Villainess in sexy boots and pantyhose delivers a motivation speech

This scene wasn’t in the movie, it comes in the middle of the credits, if I remember right. But it wasn’t used in the next movie of the franchise…guess some folks didn’t like it.

Well, I love that outfit. She wears a body, showing some nice cleavage, she wears a sexy pantyhose and real great overknee leather boots. I would love to be one of the henchmen sitting in that plane. And I would be very motivated after her speech… 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, the sexiest “deliver a speech” outfit I have ever seen…

The woman is Jill Valentine and is mind-controlled by that device on her chest. (Of course by the most evil company Umbrella)

If you don’t know from which movie this scene is:


Yeah, you can say about the Resident Evil movies what you like, but they have some really sexy kick-ass-women in it. 🙂

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